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I started having the dream about a week ago, I think. But I never remembered it.  I didn't even remember that I had had it. But last night I had the dream up until the moment that our alarm clock went off this morning. So it was on my mind as soon as my eyes… Continue reading Dreams

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My Boys

My husband said two things to me last week that I have thought about ever since. First, he admitted that he wasn't expecting the blog post that I wrote about him to be quite what it was.  He felt a little insulted at the same time that he thought it was sweet.  I think he… Continue reading My Boys

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The Wisdom of a Mother

I went upstairs to get something out of the hallway bathroom the other day.  As I opened the closet in the bathroom, I noticed a box of band-aids sitting on a shelf.  They were plain, brown band-aids without any sort of ornamentation.  You know, the only kind that ever existed when we were kids? As… Continue reading The Wisdom of a Mother


All by myself

We washed my car Sunday. When I say "we" I mean Butters, Ryan and myself.  Adam was mowing the lawn, John was finally painting the flaking, peeling trim around our back door (now, if I can get him to do the front door!!) and Lauren was doing Lauren stuff (sketching, daydreaming, talking to herself, etc.).… Continue reading All by myself