And time marches on

**** This post was written almost five years ago.  I never published it- not sure why- and I just discovered it.  So I thought that, although it is dated, I would share it. **** ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** My baby, Ryan, will be finishing his first and only year of preschool next week.  Next year, then, he will… Continue reading And time marches on


Can things get any worse?

Why do I ever ask that question?  I should know better.  As soon as one asks if things could possibly get any worse, things get worse.  It is God playing a little game with you.  And you lose. For months now, I've felt sorry for myself.  Months!  Since January of last year, I think.  So maybe… Continue reading Can things get any worse?



As I raised my head and peered through the hair hanging down over my eyes, I saw the sparkle of them.  They were right in front of me, right before my eyes.  Tiny little crystal and silver cross earrings.  Absolutely the perfect size for my Butters who was making her First Communion the next morning.… Continue reading Whispers